Sunday, 8 May 2011

Michael's Family

Pastor Michael and Norah Drichile with their beloved son David Jeremiah.

Michael and Norah are members of Ayaa Baptist Church in Moyo-Northern Uganda (Metu Mountain). Michael is a Teacher and Norah is a Tailor.

Moyo district Topography is characterized by low planes and rolling hills along the Nile River, at 900m above sea level rising to a series of hills and peaks. The highest peak is mountain Otze at 1500m above sea level. The Nile River bank rises sharply upwards producing a landscape characterized by plateaus, flat topped hills, inter sparse with deep valleys and giving rise to steep slopes. Drainage occurs towards the Nile, through a series of rivers, which are seasonal and mainly supplied by rainwater. These features provide beautiful sceneries for tourist attraction.

Moyo district receives about 1267mm of annual rainfall. It has a distinct dry period that begins from December to February. November and March have moderate rainfall. The two major peaks in rainfall occur in April (short rainy season) and between August and October (major rainy season). Areas along the Nile receive lesser rain (860mm) than the rest of the district. The highest temperature recorded was 450 C in the months of January to February and lowest 290C in the months of August to October.

Although the hills in sub-counties of Metu and Itula are covered by forests, the major vegetation cover in the district is savannah woodland with isolated thorn shrubs found near the streams and rivers.

Population & other socio-economic indicators  
Moyo district had a population of 194,778 according to the 2002 Population and Housing Census Report. The mid year projection 2008 now puts the district population at 304,271. The average annual population growth rate between 1991 and 2002 of the district was 7.7% compared to the national average annual population growth rate of 3.2%.

80% of the households in Moyo district depend mainly on subsistence agriculture as their main economic activity. The major crops grown include sweet potatoes, sorghum, cassava, simsim, groundnut, finger millet, maize, cowpeas and beans. Fishing is another main economic activity in the district. The Nile River is the main source of fish within the district.

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