Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Gospel of Jesus Christ sets everyone free

You will be free indeed. Bring your situation before God, stand before him boldly, never mind your skin color, property, origin. Nothing is imposible to God.

We will all return to soil. No one will be grater than the other if we all will follow God and be faithful before Him.

Why are so many suffering in this world? No one is willing to show them direction. They drink alcohol, they dance in public places and fight with their families, for they think always on how wise they are, but how will a fool
appear before wise man?

Nimule-Southern Sudan (Eastern Equatorial State) is near by city Gospel Radio-East Africa can reach with the means of Radio. This city is not far away from Moyo Town.

This Sudanese town acts as the bussiness place for the people of Moyo and has great number of people.

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